JAMBO Blocking Sled 1 Men up


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JAMBO Blocking Sled 1 Men up

The Jambo Blocking Sled is designed to mimic repetitive heavy contact at the line of scrimmage. The unique spring action, correct pad angle, and modular versatility help players take the next step in the development of blocking skills.  Sleds are also fantastic tools to be used in the conditioning of defensive and offensive linemen.

Our sleds are easy to assemble and dismantle using only a few screws. The unique design of the Jambo Blocking Sled ensures lasting durability of the product. Thanks to its design, the device can be used for both offensive and defensive line formations. The adjustment between two options can be made by pulling a simple lever.

The design of our sleds also allows for combining several units together into larger chains of 2, 3, 4, 5 etc man sleds.  The units can just as easily be broken down again to form individual units.  No sled made anywhere in the world is as versatile and diversely useful.

The Jambo Blocking Sled displays all necessary warning signs in potential hazardous areas that could cause potential injuries in case of misuse.

All elements are easy to assemble and dismantle using only a few screws.  The unique construction of the Jambo Blocking Sled provides long durability of the product. If necessary it also allows for quick and easy service.

  • Measurements:
    • Heights: 130 cm
    • Length 288 cm
    • Width: 119 cm
    • Weights: 145 kg
  • Options of use: MOB/LEV ; Defence/Offence
  • Available combining several units into larger device
  • Color Option: Black, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Orange
  • Safe for artificial turf
  • Waterproof equipment that can be used all year long
  • Interior made of compressive foam that absorbs energy upon contact
  • Cover made of 24oz. vinyl
  • Very solid seaming that ensure esthetic touch and item’s durability
  • add a Coaching Platform and Handle for 169 euro
  • Plus Freight 289,00 Euro (per Sled)

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Black, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Orange