Schutt AiR Maxx Flex 2.0 QB/WR/DB


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Schutt AiR Maxx Flex 2.0 QB/WR/DB

You’ve just taken a hit that would sideline a normal player for a few downs. But you’re not a normal player. You bounce back up and quickly head to the huddle, ready for the next play. You’re not superhuman; you just feel like you are when you’re wearing the Schutt Air Maxx Flex 2 Football Shoulder Pads – Skill Position. Engineered to disperse impact over a large area, these pads offer a combination of the latest in cushioning technology to keep you fresh all game long. Hit with confidence knowing your shoulders are protected by a marriage of TPU cushioning, D3O energy lock technology and a clavicle channel system that absorbs impact around the AC joint. A new tactical arch design lowers the weight of the pads and allows maximum range of motion.


  • Triple Shoulder Protection
    • Air Maxx TPU cushioning – used in Schutt’s top helmets – is placed over the shoulders
    • D3O Energy Lock Technology allows free movement until impact, when it locks together and reduces force of impact
    • Clavicle Channel System absorbs impact specifically around AC joint and can be repositioned for perfect fit
  • Tactical Arch Design
    • Minimizes weight and retains the same hitting zone protection
    • Provide maximum range of motion
    • Keeps arches and cushions in proper hitting position and prevents shifting of pads
    • Newly designed epaulets and caps eliminate grab points for better performance
  • Air Management System
    • Open cell foam with microscopic air chambers sealed to outside fabric
    • Upon impact, the arch engages the cushion to move air throughout the chambers and lessen the impact
    • Energy dispersed over a larger area, reducing the force on the body
  • Flat pad design
  • BIOTHANE belt for secure fit without affecting the shape of the arch
  • Removable deltoid and scapular pads
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Removable body for easy hand washing
  • Pre-drilled for accessory attachments

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